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Basically, I want to learn the process of mixing and mastering for home recording. I can't afford to take a course or anything, but right now can somebody just point me in the right direction? I'm looking for a list of techniques or something.
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1) Get proper mixing monitors / headphones.
2) Rhythm guitars: Hard pan: hard left and hard right
3) Treat lead guitars like you treat vocals
4) PM me your MSN, specific questions are easier to answer.
Highly recommended: Recording Magazine


This subforum here represents a good start. Also www.homerecording.com and www.recordingproject.com for recording-specific sites. Think of them as Ultimate-Recording.

Homerecording tends to be more populated, which means that there are more noobs, and more people on the upper end of things. With more people comes not only more help, but more problems between members. Certainly worthwhile, though.

Harvey Gerst posts there. He has done work with Jefferson Airplane, and has designed mics and speaker cabinets and such for some major corporations. He knows more about mics than practically anyone on the planet.

RecordingProject is a smaller community, but has some very knowledgeable people there.

Pipeline Audio posts there (can't remember his real name). He has been an assistant engineer with Gin Blossoms, Sheryl Crow and Megadeth, and has close ties to the Reaper software development team.

I used to frequent those with a LOT of regularity... like, chronic.

Seriously, though, this subforum here is a good place to start. There are enough newbies and intermediates here to get you going and to have an atmosphere of "we're all learning here" as opposed to "wtf? why are you even here? Go collect some stamps or something and leave us alone."

The newsgroup rec.pro.audio is a very small community too, but is populated almost exclusively by pros. In other words, lurk. If you don't know what you're talking about, you'll be called out on it pretty quick. They're pros and they expect you to be one too if you are going to post.

ProSoundWeb is another good one, but again, populated by pros. Don't jump on there unless you really know your stuff. Nirvana producer Steve Albini posts on there under the name Electrical.

Just a note, though.... all those other sites really suck for guitar advice, Musician Talk, selecting amps and effects, customizing guitars, getting tabs, etc.

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