i'm going to trade in my cube 60 for an new amp at guitar center. i've already decided that i'm going with either the vox vt50 or the vt100, i know they are the same execpt one is 50w and the other is 100w but the vt50 has 1x12 speaker while vt100 has 2x12 speakers. the vt 50 is running $370 and the vt 100 is $499. i know the vt100 also has a nob on the back that allows you turn the wattage up or down based of ur playing needs so that way you have lower volume with out loosing ur overall sound. so is it worth on spending $120 more on the vt100? i'm playing as an hobby and am looking to eventually gig, nothin big just small events and i'm going to start playing modern worship music (hillsong, jeremy camp..etc) for the my college group i go to every week. other than that i also play mostly hard rock and little metal, not death metal or anything. i normally stay in standard tuning & i don't go any lower than drop d on my guitar..anyways which of these 2 amps should i go with if i'm looking long term? is it event worth going for the 2x12 if i'm looking to add pedals down the road?
50 watts is plenty for any venue IMO. The wattage adjust sounds nice, but do you really want to lug around a bigger amp? the VT50 is probly better for your needs =)