Bought blackstar ht amp brand new in box and it has a crackling problem when hitting strings. Dont really know how to fix this.

Thanks in advance for your answers
Check the guitar, check the cable, check your outlet ("dirty" power can have negative effects on the amp). If all those work, check the tubes, and then contact the manufacturer and the retailer about repairing it.
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if its a guitar with active pickups, check the battery. check the power supply cables/batteries to any pedals you're using, and it also might be static interference if you're near any computers/tv or other electronics. try it in a different room or different outlet (i found my amp makes a strange noise in my bedroom and one outlet in downstairs living room, but not in upstairs living room or basement).
try your guitar in a differnt amp
try a different guitar in your amp
unplug the guitar and turn up the amp really loud
try different power outlet as mentioned.
make sure your guitar is grounded.
replace preamp tube(s)
look for lol cats
return it
I got it to work for five minutes then it popped and turned sound into fuzz. It was also barely audible. This is my second blackstar amp in two days. I also tried it with my gibson lp and epi lp so it has to be the amp. I really want a blackstar that works.

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Sounds like a tube or grounding issue. Get it replaced where ever you bought it since it should still be warranty, and ask them to try it out there? What ever the problem is, it's inadvisable for you to fix it yourself and risk the warranty.
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