im selling some great gear that doesnt get the attention it needs. prices include shipping to lower 48 states.

Ibanez RGA42. ill include a no name gig bag and a Planet Waves strap. the guitars in great playing condition, sounds awesome, and the finish is flawless. only flaw is when i got it i installed Gotoh tuners on it and had to drill mounting holes. took them off since im selling it. so besides the small holes on the back of the head stock its perfect!

Ibanez AEG20E. ill include a no name hardshell case and a DiMarzio strap. awesome condition and the finish is beautiful. only had it a few months, still have all the paperwork still unopened in the bag

DigiTech RP250. great little multi effects processor with a helpful drum machine. comes with power supply and DigiTech carrying bag

DiMarzio Blaze Custom. great passive 7 string pick up. harmonics really sing

Ibanez V7/V8 pick ups. took them out of my prestige. sound actually pretty good for stock, neck does sweeps nicely

Duncan Designed Chrome Covers pups. sticker on back says HB103. has a nice vintage sound, really brought out the dirt when i would play Black Sabbath and AC/DC tunes

Grover Auto-Locking Tuners. great solid tuners, makes string changes fast and easy
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Is the blaze a neck or bridge pup?
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long over due bump

B-52 AT-212 added, the original one back when it still had the rectifier tube. JJ High Gain re-tube kit from eurotubes.com. small nick in the tolex about an inch long, tops covered in stickers but they can be removed easily, and the back panel has been removed. $300. id like a local pick up, Summerville, SC, or the buyer pays the extra shipping

mainly looking for cash but will be more then happy to trade for:
any Peavey 5150/6505 combo
Ibanez RGA7
Ibanez ART2EX1, the silverburst one
i know that, im willing to trade for it plus more. i doubt it will happen but ya cant blame a dude for trying.

also decided to keep the RGA42 and up grade it

and im also interested trade wise also for a set of Gotoh 6-in-line tuners. i perfer chrome or smoked chrome, but black will also work