This is my first time posting so if i do something dumb cut me some slack. Anyway, im writing a song called Speed Kills, but im totally stuck on lyrics i have all the riffs even the solos can someone help me with lyrics i want it to be a thrash kind of metal tune eg.(Hangar 18, Holy Wars, Trust, Skin O My Teeth alot of Megadeth influence with the song). id really appreciate the help guys.
Fill in your stuff with "dummy lyrics", basically anything that fits the rhyming pattern, it doesn't even have to make sense, just as long as it fits the pattern.

Later, you sit down and replace the dummy lyrics with real ones. This is going to be difficult, but be patient. Go over everything (music playing in the background) and come up with some real lyrics to replace the dummy ones.

send a copy to my profile or something, or post a link to download it , Ill listen to it, and let you know what I cand do.

By the way its not too hard, just sit, listen to the recording( until youre sick of it lol), and think aobu tsomething youdlike to say, or something you think, maket it fit, and youre done. Sounds easy..... but its not.