Okay, so I got myself a VT30 and I really like it so far, but I think the distortion could use a boost. It doesn't sound too great with my UM300 (MT-2), that is the UM300 sounds incredibly thin compared to the amp distortion. So I've started of thinking of getting an overdrive or tube screamer to boost the distortion. The basis for a really good tone is already there I just think it could use a little bit of boost on the distortion side. So can someone recommend a good overdrive or tube-screamer to use with the vox?

The Tubescreamer IS an overdrive.

The DigiTech Bad Monkey is a great OD pedal for boosting. You might not like it for much else, though. The Ibanez TS7 is also very good, but cuts more bass than the Bad Monkey and adds a bit more mids.
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The VT will not take boosts well at all. You are pretty much stuck with what you have.

The point of an OD boost is to slam the front end of a tube amp harder. Modellers don't take any kind of dirt very well (which is why your MT-2 sounds like junk (though it probably never sounded great)).
But the VT should have more than enough gain on tap..Use the last high gain setting (I think 3?) and work on you're EQ
Thanks, do you think an extra EQ would help, I feel that the EQ on the VT is not as effective as I would like it to be?