Im planning on buying a Martin DC-1E and was wondering if anyone can give me some feedback on it? ive heared sum mixed reviews about the stratabond neck ( i think thats wat its called).

i play alot of john mayer stuff but play practicaly everything.

Also i was wondering if switching between a lot of different tunings on an acoustic is bad like on an electric guitar? like getting a warped neck..

thanks for the help
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i dont now about the guitar itself never played it but my freind has one and he loves it.
i change tunings on my acoustic guitar all the time nothing lower than drop C# without any problems with it
I have an OMC-1e. This guitar also has the stratabond neck. I think the neck plays great and will hold up very nicely. The mixed reviews come from people that don't like the look of stratabond. I like the look, but if I didn't there are other good options in that price range.

You can change tunings as much as you like.