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Contact: PM or jnukes2@gmail.com
Payment: Paypal preferred!
Location: Washington (state)

$900 shipped - 1996 Mesa Boogie 1x12 DC-5 combo with the footswitch (no casters). This is a two channel amp with separate EQ's, FX loop, graphic EQ, reverb, and much more.
Here's a link to the manual:


The cleans are extremely impressive. They're quite tweekable, and the reverb is a nice touch.

This is definitely a high gain metal amp. You have a basic EQ along with the graphic EQ to really tweek the tone. This amp is pretty hard to use at first. I've read a lot of reviews and posts on other forums that this amp needs a ton of tweeking to get what you want. I don't have the time and money to nail that perfect tone, so that's why I'm selling it - that, and I don't play much metal.

Things to note:

The reverb, for some reason, works when it wants to. I don't know why, but it just does. I have an itch that with a single button footswitch (the reverb is footswitchable), you'll be able to control it via the footswitch.

I've read that A TON of people like to tweek this amp because it has very good features, a good build, and good electronics for the price. Tweeking as in tube experimentation, different speakers, and of course, the endless EQ possibilities. MatrixClaw himself referred me to this amp, but I don't think that this amp is me.

I'm ready to pack this up and am able to ship out on the day of payment (depending what time it is) or the next day.

$150 shipped - Dunlop Heil Talkbox. Got this on Craigslist thinking it would cool to just have... but I never got around to use it. If you want to know how this sounds...

5:55 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7rFYbMhcG8


Actually let me rewrite what I meant about tweeking. What I meant is that EQ'ing and Graphic EQ'ing are where most of the experimentation is. However, in addition, people do experiment with different tubes and speakers as well.