I used to practice all of the time, but I just don't really have the urge to these days since I'm pretty comfortable with my technique and phrasing. Have you guys reached this level, It's not that I'm great or anything, but guitar is mostly a hobby thing for me, and I just don't have an urge to make myself better these days, although I love sitting down and playing.
I'd say that's fine.
Sometimes I wish I wasn't so focused on practicing, never enjoying the reason I picked up guitar.
I am too focused on getting better when the best step forward in guitar playing is just to play guitar.
I enjoy practicing though, if I get the peace and quiet to make noise in.
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hahahaha. same here. I need to practice and improve all the time. I sometimes don't enjoy it. I even hate it sitting down and sweeping and string skipping for an hour or 2. But the feeling when i come back to a solo i couldn't play 2 months ago and now it seems easy is just amazing.
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yeah mi practice shcedule went to hel like tree monts ago
so did my spelling
I think im in the same position TS. I still practice, but its more like, 'hey, i wanna play some music', not 'ok, 1 hour of scales, 1 hour of phrasing, and 1 hour of speed drills'. that and i still go to weekly lessons, which has turned less into guitar lessons and more into music theory discussions.
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ive never sat down and just practiced. I just play the songs i want to learn when I want until i can play them well.

I just play for fun.
Quote by andrewjp123
ive never sat down and just practiced. I just play the songs i want to learn when I want until i can play them well.

I just play for fun.

This. And when learning a song that needs a technique, I learn it.

Well, sorta.
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Same here. When I first picked up the guitar yes, I did some practice with the metronome and stuff but it got boring pretty quickly. For example, if I want to record something and need to put some rapid power metal alternate picking, I just fire up ezdrummer, put a high tempo and try to play 8ths or 16ths by ear.

Even with scales, if I want to practice scales I'll just try to practice them in my everyday jam. I don't want to become a super fast lead player, I already have a pretty good sense of rhythm for my rhythm playing.

And chromatic exercises simply suck!
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Surely if you're playing your guitar, then you are practicing? You may not be learning a scale or anything, but you'll still be working on your time keeping, dexterity etc, etc.
Learning new songs = fun practicing. It really doesn't make a difference because at some level your practicing, but if you're going for a specific technique then just find a song that exploits that.