I have been looking at downloading this game from steam for my macbook pro (Hearts of Iron III) and was wondering if anyone has every played these games? If so, what do you think of it?

They look very fun and very in depth and I feel like I would enjoy concentrating really hard and making tough decisions in this game. But, I want to make sure its not extremely boring before buying it. I like history, and I really like the WWII era Europe, thats what got me interested in the game.

Thanks for any help/input.

I haven't played it personally but from the looks of it it's a Total War/Civilisation style game. From my experience with those styles of games and from the looks of it decent critical acclaim be ready for some late nights, these games are absorbing as hell!
Yeah, Ive researched it on gamespot and some other sites, but Im hoping i can get some advice from someone who has experienced it first hand. I don't want to wast $15. I think I will enjoy the game if I can save it a lot and play one game over a long period of time.
There are a few HoI players in the Gaming Thread, go there.

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