Hey guys, Here's the deal.

I Have $600NZD, And am looking to upgrade to a decent little practice amp, as currently I use an Ibanez tbx15r SS combo (Which I have modified to run a mono jack output, and run it into a 1x12 subwoofer). =]

These are the best amps I can afford:
VOX AC4TV Combo. 4w
Laney CUB12 Combo. 15w
2nd Hand Orange AD-5 combo. 5w
2nd hand Marshall class 5 combo. 5w
Epiphone Valve Junior combo, Or I get a head and a Cheap cab.

(IF THERE ARE ANY OTHER CHEAP 5-15W tube combos, THAT ARE AROUND MY PRICE RANGE, Feel free to tell me, As unfortunately I can't afford a Blackstar HT-5)

Now, I use a Line6 POD x3 For the majority of my playing, but I Would still like a tube amp with a nice tone.

I mainly play Nu-metal, And other such metal genres.

So, In your opinion, What would be the best amp (please state your reasons) for me?

Any help would be appreciated.
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dont get the epiphone, bad amp, wouldn't get laney either, i'd get the vox because they are generally versatile on sound, but i think the marshall or orange would be better for your style of playing
Apparently there is a 5-.1 watt bugera tube amp, but it doesnt seem suited to n-metal as it is 'vintage voiced'.

I'm thinking you will need either a more costly tube amp or a modeler for new metal.
If you play nu metal, don't get a5 watt tube amp. You want that extra power so your power section stays clean because most of your overdrive comes for the preamp.
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yo if you can afford a secondhand ad5 get that. it's the best amp out of all the ones you listed. well i dunno about the laney.

here's the other thing...if you play nu-metal none of those are gonna get you the tone you want without a pedal.

you're better of with a vyper. Everyone one of those amps is gonna have too much power tube distortion and mud your ish right up.
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yeah nu metal/br00tz + 5 watter (those ones anyway) = not gonna happen, basically.
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