I just wanna know how the community feels about this, personally i think sting is awesome yet some of his songs could gone a lot better, somethings like do do do de da da da, i think is a funny way to express a feeling, but to be fair with sting we need to do a deep analyze, Shape Of My Heart, for example is a piece of art, the way he uses the cards to talk about the life today, is just genius.

So whats up ? is sting the worst lyricist ever? is he a genius ? can he be compare to Lennon ?
You been reading up Blender? Let me just say that it is a fact, not opinion, that Blender is absolutely terrible in every way.
I believe sting is in no way a bad lyricist. Sure, some lyrics are simple, but the police were influenced partially by the punk movement, which we all know punk had a more simplistic approach. I'm sure there are some police or sting songs i'd argue about, but i can't name any off the top of my head. I do know i've had times where i just sat in awe at some of sting's lyrics. That's my opinion. I'd love to hear what anyone else thinks!
I think Sting sucks.

He acts like he's some kind of f*cking intellectual real musician, and he looks like a child molester with that beard.
I agree
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i.e. really gay.
My mom didn't know that "Roxanne" was about a prostitute. And she didn't know that "Don't Stand So Close to Me" was about student/teacher sex. My mom is silly.

But I'm closing this because Sting is so not punx.
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