I'm sure any of you who read this will have the initial though of "omfg is he fo rizzle?"

Yes, I am serious. My band DESPERATELY needs a bio, and I just now got around to reading the one we have now -__-.

I also ask this, because I am about to head to college as a Computer Science/Music double major, and am possibly searching for an artist endorsement, and need something a lot better than what we have right now.


Here's a link to our myspace, where you can read the (very shameful) bio we have. I'm not sure who wrote it, but we need a different one, bad.

In return, I cannot offer money, but I can offer a validated opinion/artist review/etc... anything you need in return.

Please, have a decent heart, and an open mind about this, and hopefully I can help with anything you guys need.

I'll write you a review,
as long as you check out my band too

Your review is pretty pitiful haha
no offence
Oh, I know it is VERY pitiful :P

And thats pretty sweet! Where we're from, there is pretty much no music scene whatsoever, so the only action you get is radio, or jamming in a bar with a bunch of old guys attempting karaoke lol.

Thanks man! We really appreciate it, and I'll definitely check out your band. Is there a link anywhere?
I just started reading and to me it looks like some kind of newspaper article. Just summing up some facts. That's not entertaining. I also think that the small descriptions of the various members is something I've heard way over a thousand times. I've seen my fair share of people 'who can do it all'. Not saying he can't, but it's just a very boring and cliché line.
To sum things up; I'd make it less of a business meeting style presentation, if you catch my drift.
Play the music, not the instrument.