Yeah so i got the 8 screw pickguard (50s style), and im thinking of changing it to a 3layer pickguard, 60s style. Its just the amout of screws that are the difference, right? Or is there any other problems by changing?

it may have subtlely different dimensions but i'm not sure, and also the positioning of the screws may be different and not lined up with the screws on a '50s style pickguard.

though you might be able to get 3-ply pickguards designed to fit '50s style bodies with holes for 8 screw single-ply pickguards, but i don't know where you'd get them
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hmm, well to be honest, what i want is a pickguard (i would like 3-layer but 1 is ok aswell), that looks a little old... like either yellowish or the mint green one that is on some of the 60s. So i guess if i could find a 50s style in mint green (for example) that would be ace as well.
I've looked into this a hell of a lot. Basically, the holes are in significantly different places so it's not like you can just get the screws in there with a bit of lovin'.

You can always drill new holes, or look for a 3 ply 8 hole one, which you can find quite easily.


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