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As my guitar skills become better, I have found that my demands to my rig excede what my vallet can supply. So I have been looking into ways to strech my budget.
First I looked into used guitars and found some good deals but it takes a little more effort than just walking into a guitar store. I know it can really be worth and are of course not shelfing the idea but I am also concidering buying b-stock.

I ran through a list of deals and found a couple of hot deals. Some guitars were lightly scratched and others were simply slightly used because they had been returned to the store at some point. Also, the guitars you buy used are rarely in pristine condintion. It should also be added that the items listed all have full warranty.

Does anyone have any experience buying b-stock?
B- Stock is basically buying used with no signs of real 'wear' or usage. They only have a scratch in them usually, and thats not gonna do ANYTHING to the tone. Its worth it if it doesn't look like a dog's dinner.
Yep, b-stock is pretty safe. They're either returned by people who didn't like them, but not completely perfect enough to sell for retail, or they're in factory packaging with slight blemishes in the finish.

Try to see it before you take out your cash, and make sure that the store has warranty on b-stock guitars.

Edit: I just noticed that basically everything in my post, you've said yourself.
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both my LTDs are used, with 1 slight knock in each (paint chip etc) couldn't really care, nothing wrong with them they play perfect, and it's only a dint i'm sure i'll put more dints in them anyway
I managed to buy an acoustic for half the sticker price with B-Stock and it plays brilliantly. You get the warranty as you say as well, I would definitely say try B-Stock first.
If the savings are good, definitely. Just make sure you check the guitar very closely if you can.
As has already been stated B stock usually means blemishes in finish or some other minor cosmetic problem.I bought a Michael Kelly Resonator b stock and couldn't be happier,flaw was the headstock wasn't a 100% match to the bodys color.If you really look close you can see the difference but for a $250 savings I accept it and love it.Try before you buy and look it over real good, if it looks good and plays good go for it.
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I bought a B-stock Peavey Vypyr. It was B-stock as it had been demo'd at a trade show and therefore couldn't be sold as new. Got about 40% off the new price and it has no scratches, blemishes or anything and came with a full guarantee. It could be worth checking why an item is B stock before purchase as the reasons vary.
If you shop at some guitar stores you’re getting a instrument that’s probably had more playing time in month on display than some people would use it in a year. And we’ve all seen the stories about brand-new guitars that needed an expert setup and a new nut just to be playable. Not to mention all the oddball items people get from mail-order that clearly aren’t new—like the guy yesterday who bought a guitar from MF that showed up with rusted screws! So really—if you aren’t getting a pristine high-end guitar from a store that doesn’t let any kid of the street bang away on their merchandise, b-stock and new are one and the same.
B-Stock is just another way of getting a good guitar for the price of a bad guitar. lol
Though you should deffinately check out rondomusic.com
I am afreid that rondomusic.com is a no go on account of me being in Europe. Tax and customes, and VAT will really do something with the price.
I have found for me that B-stock and used guitars are the way to go, beause i havent held on to a guitar for more than a year yet...
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My friend bought a B stock Schecter C-7 FR with the Duncan Designed active pickups. He noticed a dent in the finish between the pickups, and asked the seller if that was why it was B Stock. The answer was: No, it was B stock because of a flaw in the binding on the treble side cutaway.

However the pickups crapped out on him later and now he hates active pickups, but they needed to be replaced anyway. Alas, he's closed minded about actives now and only wishes to use passives.
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However the pickups crapped out on him later and now he hates active pickups, but they needed to be replaced anyway. Alas, he's closed minded about actives now and only wishes to use passives.

I'm sure the question to ask here is, did he change the batteries?
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I'm sure the question to ask here is, did he change the batteries?

this would make quite a bit of sense. lol
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