Hey forum

i really need help to find a new acoustic guitar , so..

What Guitar Brand is the best ? like martin , takamine etc.

and if u got suggestions about a guitar so write it down.

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Have a look at the washburn acoustics, there not to expensive and most are really nice to play. they can be picked up second hand dirt cheap.

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one.. learn to spell lmao

but if you want a nice acoustic that is great quality but isn't to expensive look at a Cole Clark Fat Lady 2 or 3.. or even a Maton.. although im not sure of the availability of the Cole Clarks outside of australia.
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one.. learn to spell lmao

but if you want a nice acoustic that is great quality but isn't to expensive look at a Cole Clark Fat Lady 2 or 3.. or even a Maton.. although im not sure of the availability of the Cole Clarks outside of australia.

sorry about my spelling , my mistake..
there is no best guitar - the world is full of really great guitars. there is only the guitar that's best FOR YOU. that includes your budget, sound preferences, what width of neck you prefer, what size/type of guitar body you find comfortable and lots of other stuff. it also depends perhaps on where you're located, whether you plan to be traveling with the guitar, and so on.

and then not all guitars within a brand are the same. i'm not a big martin fan, but one of the guitars that sounded and felt best to me is a martin. i don't love all taylors, but i'm getting a gc8.

guitar brands i really like are affordable include yamaha, blueridge, seagull (more the lam b&s models than the SWS ones), the guild GAD series. in the not so affordable range i love gibsons - but not the canadian models, goodall, huss and dalton.

other brands worth a look include recording king, breedlove, alvarez (played an AWESOME yairi a couple weeks ago), cole clark, webber, and don't forget to check out larrivee! they have some great guitars in the lower to mid solid wood ranges.

and if someone happens to send me unexpected money, i'd get me one of these: http://www.laguitarsales.com/pages/3933/SCGC_00_354.htm
i played that very one at l.a. guitar sales, and MAN, it's incredible. if they had a longer layaway, i might have given up my up and coming gc8 for it.
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First, figure out what you want to spend. If you have one of the big music stores in your area, simply go down and check out the instruments in your price range. Pick 'em up an play em a bit to see how they sound to you.
You can go to a site like Guitar Center and plug in a particular price range and read all the reviews too. Then...Go look at some of the best-reviewed models.

Liking a certain instrument tends to be very subjective. People will unhesitatingly recommend whatever guitar they happen to own at the time..... There are very little in the way of objective criteria.
Seagull Entourage series, imo, sound great for the lower end models. Very good bang for the buck.
But as most will say, buy the guitar based on sound and quality, rather than the appearance
Thanks for all the answers , they have been very helpfull and i have found some favourites among the guitars so continue help me and check out my favourites :

1. http://www.zzounds.com/item--MRTDC1E

2. http://www.zzounds.com/item--WASD10SCE

3. http://www.zzounds.com/item--TAKEF341SC

4. http://www.zzounds.com/item--TAKEG340SC

5. http://www.zzounds.com/item--BRED25SME

Please check'em out and give me response ( if you got a good suggestion for an amp so please write it down to !)

Here's a few pointers: just go into a shop, look at a guitar in your price range. Play it, and see how it sounds and feels. If you don't know how to play, just ask someone in the store to play for you, so you know how it sounds. Then, pick a guitar waaaay out of your budget. Then, try it out. Most often, it will sound much nicer and feel much nicer. Since you have a feel for both ranges of guitars now (you should try them out for more than 2 minutes), try to decide if your price range is too low, or even too high .Then, pick a new price range, somewhere in the middle of the low-end guitar and the high-end guitar. After that, keep trying out guitars in that price range. This is what I did . I tried out a crappy Yamaha acoustic first, then went to an upper class Martin guitar. Eventually I decided on a Fender CD-60CE and haven't regretted it .