hey guys, I have an Egnater tourmaster 4212 in which I think im going to need to replace the tubes on this thing pretty soon. Just wondering any suggestions on brands of tubes people would suggest for the amp. Also I bought this used off a guy, I believe the amp is about 2 1/2 years old and pretty sure it has all the original tubes in it. Do I need to change the pre amp tubes as well as the power tubes? Basically my distortion is getting fizzier than it used to be and my volume has decreased substantially, the power grid on the back doesn't affect the 'loudness' like it used to. Lastly are different brands of tubes known for different types of tones, distortions, etc? Obviously i'm new to changing tubes so any info will help, thanks
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wow, that thing is a monster

4 channels
8 preamp tubes

Higher quality power tubes like TAD, Tung Sol, JJ, Svetlana, SED is what I would do. Get a matched quad from a place like dougstubes.com, thetubestore.com, tubedepot.com like this:

Not sure if the amp needs to biased or not - you need to check into that.

Preamp tubes do not need to be replaced at the same time. Personally I would just do the power tubes first and see what happens. Some people recommend replacing the Phase Inverter preamp tube (usually the last one before the power tubes but not always) when replacing power tubes.

I'd send Doug an email at dougstubes.com