Poll: Is there a guitar in your profile picture on a social networking website?
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View poll results: Is there a guitar in your profile picture on a social networking website?
29 21%
There used to be
38 28%
No, never was
58 43%
I don't use any websites that have profile pictures, except UG
11 8%
Voters: 136.
If you are a member of a social networking site, is your guitar shown in your profile picture? It seems like many guitarists feel the need to show it. I'm not saying it's good or bad. Just curious.

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Guitarists gonna guitar.

OT: no.
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Nah. I had a picture of me playing a gig, just cuz it was a good pic but not just of my guitar
It sometimes is.
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I don't have one on mine. In some cases it kind of annoys me when people feel the need to drive it in your head that they play guitar.

Like every status update is "gonna go play some guitar" or "man, I'm on vacation but I wish I had my guitar"

TONS of people play the guitar, you are not special because you do too. /rant

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I usually just use the picture in my avatar, which apparently is creepy to some people, there are no good pictures of me in existance, so I can't use them.
Used to have one that my mate took. Awesome pic because my hands are blurry and it looks as if I'm goin' hard!

EDIT: Just remembered that I'm also not wearing any pants in it...
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I used to have a profile picture of my playing guitar but I changed it because it got boring.
Now it's me with my dinosaur lunchbox, it's still just as bad
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My music is a huge part of my life,as in what i like and what takes up most of my time, so I think it makes the picture a more accurate description of me.
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I have a cello in mine. Guitars are for losers, anyway.
Yeah, it's me at my band's first gig. It's not my UG pic though.
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's UG
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I have a cello in mine. Cellos are for losers, anyway.

You're welcome
My Facebook profile picture is the same as my UG profile picture.
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Sorta in my current display pic. I have a pick in my mouth and my strap across my chest, but you can't see my actual guitar.
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Nah. I had a picture of me playing a gig, just cuz it was a good pic but not just of my guitar

I have a fish as my profile picture.
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No, but there used to be... but it's my UG profile pic, not because it has me playing guitar, but 'cos it was a memento of a really good night
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Used to be. I'm playing drums in the one I have now though.
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Only if it's a decent pic.

At the moment, it's me fondling a fake cock, but with the cock cropped out so it looks as if I'm furiously masturbating.
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I have a picture of me and a couple friends jamming up....so yea theres a guitar there.
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At one point there was and was as my profile picture (only because I had gold spandex and my favorite shirt on) it's on here too, but not as a profile picture.
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Yes, it's the same as my UG profile picture.

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Nope, never have.

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I got a really good pic of me and my bass once, so I just add different effects to it and use that.
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I have one of me holding a guitar, but only 'cause it makes me look smexy.

Yeah I just said smexy.
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Yep, my facebook picture is an edited photo of me playing guitar. It's photoshopped to look like an oil painting, so it's not too overt. Just a nice picture of me really...
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