Just finished making this pedal and it's working great, does all the crazy oscillating that the original does as well as the glitchy noises and warmer fuzz tones. Hand painted with a swirl finnish.

Looking for £70 posted.

Heres some pics:

Anyone who is interested should drop me a PM.
I'm going to make some today so I'll put them in my profile. I'll post in this thread when they are up.
Guitar and bass demos on my profile. Demos recorded using a cheap ibanez copy guitar and a squire vintage modified fretless bass through a roland bass cube 30 using a shure sm57 into protools then converted to 128kbps mp3. Not a great demo but I don't really have the time to do any better at this time.
just to say, for anyone a little skeptical, i can confirm that his pedals are made to a great standard, having bought one myself. Really nice finishes and solid work with the soldering and whatnot.