Well basically, i'm looking in to Delay pedals and i've somewhat narrowed it down to these 2. The DD-7 is selling for about £130 and the DD-20 for £170.

I really have no idea which one to go for.

I'm trying to achieve the kind of delay you might hear from Foals and bands along those lines so post-rock tendancies but not quite post-rock.

Should i spend the extra £40 for the DD-20, or should i go for a completely different pedal altogether.
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I would go for the DD-20. Buy it used on ebay, it will be way cheaper and in great condition.
I bought a used Boss DD-7 on Ebay for $130 and it looks brand new and works perfectly in my Mark V's loop. No problems with it at all. The loop feature is pretty cool to mess around with too. Not sure about the DD-20, never tried it.

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I recently got the dd7 as well and i am VERY happy with it. I was choosing between that and the MXR Carbon Copy. They are both similarly priced and I even found that the MXR sounded better ( I love analog distortion as opposed to digital) but the Boss has so many features that it is easily worth the extra $10. I did not try the dd20 but the dd7 is gold.
I actually managed to get in contact with Yannis Philipakkis, the frontman in Foals, and he reccomended the DD-7 so i think i'm going to go with that.