Oh, look what I finished...my pedal board build. Small enough that I can carry it around but it holds enough pedals. I've got a TCe Polytune and an MXR Carbon Copy on the way to stick on there too, but those are for another day.

Got the parts for about $15, and cut/assembled/painted it. Got the idea from the Ikea Gorm pedal board, but I used some thicker 1"x's for more strength. Review? I did a good freaking job. It's sturdy, got enough space for cables to run under, and the paint is even enough.
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I was just getting the idea of posting my NPBD thread

Looks very nice for the price you made it for. I'm almost done painting mine and it is literally the exact same size, give or take some details.

Anyway, congrats! It always feels nice to build your own rig from scratch