I have an ESP ltd f-50 I bought not that long ago.
I put the strings on, and they're like my acoustic so far away from the frets. The bridge has screws on each side and also has these things you can turn. My friend said to tighten the screw but I'm almost positive it's only for bridge via guitar attachment. How can I turn that thing on the bridge without taking the strings off? Thanks for help.
Btw I went to the guitar store to get some strings and the guy said gauge 10 is good for drop C...more like drop E or A...
No you're friends right, you do turn the screws. Tighten both screws so the bridge goes down (by the way, you can still have the strings attached if that's what your getting at), set the intonation and you'll be fine. Don't over do it though, you don't want loads of fret buzz.
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