My long time band had recently broken up due to our awesome drummer leaving the band. the band agrees that he cannot be replaced, it would be wrong because he didnt want to leave in the first place.

now I(the former lead guitarist of the band) am getting calls from other bands in the area because they either need a fill in guitar player or a replacement. Naturally i said yea sure and ive been doing work with two different bands.

Now my singer/rhythym guitarist is really ticked off at me for doing this because the bands im filling in for would always open for our band. and hes saying things like "why would u want to be associated with them" and stuff like "dude ur a d bag"

am i wrong for doing this? does he have a right to be piszed of at me?
I don't really get what he'd be annoyed at, you're not really doing anything wrong at all. :\
If your band really is broken up for good then no, I don't think he has a reason to be pissed.

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There's nothing even a little bit wrong about what you're doing. Perhaps the singer is not taking issue with what you're doing, but the way you're acting about it? It seems like there must be something to the story you're not telling us, because its completely absurd otherwise
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You're not doing anything wrong, the singer sounds like a total dickhead for even thinking you are.

It sounds like he feels he's superior to the guys in the other bands because they were supporting him, which is completely the wrong attitude and will get him nowhere in his future bands, in my opinion.
If your singer is only pissed off because you're playing with other people, that's none of his business. As long as it doesn't affect your other band that doesn't exist anymore it's all ok
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i mean the drummer called me up and told me he is quitting. I like to be optimistic and think he will come back but i know he wont