Guitar Center is selling this for $29.99 right now for their 4th of July sale, is it any good, and is this a good price? What kind of tones can you get out of it? Is it possible to get a good John Frusciante tone from it?
Any help appreciated.
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Im also interested in this... all i want to know is how much gain it can dial in, not that i necessarily need that much more..
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I will give you a free bump because Im interested as well.
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Sounds basically the same as a TS9. Compared them head to head (as well as some other TS type pedals) and wound up going with the Classic Overdrive. A tad less clear/defined/sharp, but not much. Definitely not worth shelling out more than twice the cash unless you want to get some modding done
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for 30 bucks, i dont see a reason why not to grab that thing!
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