i've been trying to tab songs by ear, but there are some songs that i cant really hear the bass. thursday- between rapture and rupture are one of those songs where i cant really hear the bass clearly. is there anything i can do, or in more extreme cases, anything i can get?
maybe look at the guitar tabs for it and kinda write/improvise bass parts that will just fit in there?just kinda listened to the song what i said should work lol goodluck
Turning up the low end of the equaliser on a program like iTunes might help. I find I can hear the bass a lot easier with decent head/earphones (Sennheiser!).
Use bass boost if that isn't obvious enough.
Otherwise just keep in mind that if you can't hear the bassist, it's probably because they're following the guitarist.
Boost the Bass.

Raise the pitch (see equal-loudness contour ). After you have the tabs set, transpose it back to the original key.

Also headphones. If your headphones can't reproduce the bass accurately (ie. muddy and unrefined) then get yourself some new headphones.

A bit of music theory helps. If you know what key it's in, and the chord progression, then you'll be able to recognize it easier.
What i do is go to youtube and look up other bass covers of it and pray they have thier amp cranked. If there isnt covers then try using some good headphones to bring out the bass. (my 15.00 skullcandys work fine on it.)