Hey guys,
i was wonderin wether any of you guys can tab the rhythm section of this piece here? I cant find the name of it anywhere so i thought i'd post a request here.
I dunt mind if you give me a text version of the tab.

ahahaha.. no thanks dude i was kinda hoping to get this done for free >_>
no offence tho.. ill spred the word that u give these services .. cheers mate..
thanx spreading it would be nice... really... i wish i could to it for free but im kinda busy and it'd be unfair to do it for free for you

anyways thanx again.. if you ever want to add me or my music store (online offers like these) in facebook i'd be delighted...

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vs-music-store/118448361533417?ref=mf my store's link