through a fuzz pedal, specific pickups don't really matter that much. The difference between my gibson les paul neck pickup sound and my ibanez JTK2 neck pickup sound is almost indistinguishable through both my fuzz face and my big muff. It's not worth changing pickups specifically for a fuzz tone.
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If you want to change your general fuzz tone, get a new fuzz pedal. Also, from what I've seen/heard, single coil pickups work a tiny bit better with fuzz's that humbuckers
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Anything sounds like fuzz through a fuzz pedal tbh
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Anything sounds like fuzz through a fuzz pedal tbh

But yeah, fuzz pedals don't generally let the natural voicing of your guitar come through as much as an OD pedal would. Just slap in any nice humbucker that you like and that works for the other stuff you play, and you should be set.
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