Brian just sat there on the lawn in the middle of his horseshoe shaped driveway with a bawling Jess cradled in his arms. He had his left arm wrapped around her back with his left hand supporting the back of her head, and his right arm wrapped around her back closer to his waist. It seemed like an eternity before her sobbing slowed to the point where she just occasionally sniffled and coughed, and even longer before she picked her head up out of his now tear soaked chest and said something.

"Thank you"

"For what?" Brian looked at her with a puzzled looked on his face.

"For freeing me from that asshole."

"I don't think that's the last we'll see or hear from Johnny, but it may be a while before he finds his balls and tries something stupid again. Come on, let's go inside. It's gettin a little nippy out here."

was all Jess said before being helped to her feet and walked inside to the living room where Brian carefully set her down on the couch. He grabbed a few tissues off the kitchen counter on the way and handed them to her, which she promptly blew through. He left her for a few minutes to get a drink and check on Kevin.

"You alright, man?" Brian took a sip from his lemonade as he looked at Kevin who was nursing a decent sized lump on his forehead, presumably where Johnny had snuck in a sucker punch.

"Yeah, I think I'll be fine for now. Just remember, we have a show on friday at the Tavern. We really should try to get in at least one practice as a full band before then. We haven't been able to get Dave, Rich, and Special K together as a 5 piece in ages"

"Sh*t, I almost completely forgot. Tomorrow good for you? I'm gonna give them a ring and see what's good for them", replied Brian. Kevin just nodded his head and took a sip from his iced tea that his friend had provided him.

Brian remembered that he hadn't seen the other 60% of their band for nearly a week now. They had been booked to play the busiest night of the week at the bar that was within walking distance of his house, and they couldn't very well play it without practicing at least once before hand. It was called The Town Tavern, but everyone either called it just The Tavern, or the more popular local name for it, The Town Toilet. It was hole in the wall bar that had been around forever. Hell, their parents had even gone there when they were younger. Brian and Kevin loved it though. It was a nice, relaxed little spot that they could go and clear their heads over a few brews when things started to get tense which seemed to be happening more and more often, as their band started to take off.

Their drummer, Special K, also frequented the Tavern just as much, if not more than Brian and Kevin did. They called him Special K because of 2 reasons- first, his name was also Kevin and this just gave them a way to make sure each Kevin knew when they were being addressed, and two, he wasn't exactly that bright. He was a nice guy and an amazing drummer, though. He could hold a different time signature on each limb, and talented drummers, especially ones on his level were extremely difficulty to find in their area. Most played either simple punk stuff, or played the hardcore bullsh*t that everyone else in the area was into, and the members of their band absolutely despised.

Rob, their singer, and Rich, their bassist, were both only 20, so neither of them were able to hang out at the Tavern after shows, but both knew of the craziness that tended to happen there. Brian and both Kevins loved it not just for the relaxed atmosphere on slower nights, but mainly for the main bartender, Denise, who when she got a few drinks in her turned into quite the little exhibitionist. She would routinely give them a show with the other female bartenders, and she often gave them free beer, and who could argue against that?

The Tavern was also a perfect rock n' roll bar, yet another reason why the legal age band members loved it. On the weekends there was the occasional drunken bar fight, usually started by the small group of bikers that tended to show up every once in a while. There were also plenty of bar sluts to have your pick from, and the patrons tended to be quite the rowdy crowd on the weekends. Sex, booze, and drugs were still the norm in the Tavern, when they started to become the exception everywhere else. It was definitely the perfect place to build your reputation as a hard partying rock/metal band.

Putting his drink down, a thought suddenly hit Brian. "Yo, I just realized something"

"What's up?" Kevin looked at his friend as he also set his drink down, a questioning look on his face.

"We don't have a definite name for the band yet. We've gone through at least 3 so far, but we keep changing it every time we play a show. If we wanna get big we gotta come up with a name and stick with it"

"Got any ideas?"
Kevin just looked at Brian with a blank stare, still nursing the lump on his head.

"Yeah. I was thinking 'The Truth'. We gotta have a name that's gonna stick, and I can't find anyone else that's using it"

"That sounds more like a punk name. Why 'The Truth'?"

"Think about it for a sec"
. A smile started to cross Brian's face. "It's perfect. We come out and introduce ourselves along the lines of 'We are The Truth', or 'Are you ready for The Truth?'. It can also have a more political meaning, as Rob's lyrics tend to deal more with what's wrong with society and why the whole political system needs to be torn down and rebuilt."

"That's actually a really good name. Let's run it by the guys tomorrow and see what they think. I'm gonna head home though, my head is killing me. Gimme a call tomorrow"

"Alright, dude. I'll talk to you then."

After walking Kevin to the door and closing it behind him, Brian turned and went to sit on the couch with Jess. She had gone through all the tissues he gave her and was sitting with her legs up on the couch and her head resting on her arm on the arm rest. She was watching something wholly uninteresting to Brian on MTV, of which she seemed only partially interested in herself. Her face was streaked black from crying so much, and the other makeup products she used had also smeared a bit, but weren't as noticeable as the deep black mascara she always caked on.

"You gonna be ok?"

"I think so. I just never expected this to happen. I knew he was a horrible person, but something in me just couldn't let him go. I thought I loved him, but it was probably more of a control thing."
Jess looked at the man sitting next to her, wiping the tears from her eyes with the back of her hand.

"Yeah. At least you're away from him now. I'm gonna head up to bed in a few minutes, you're more than welcome to stay here for the night if you want" Even in her broken down state, Brian couldn't help but eye her up. She was the epitome of physical perfection- a tight, toned body, perfectly round ass, gorgeous face, tits that weren't too small or too big for her frame that he suspected didn't even need a bra to support themselves. Everything about her was perfect.

"I'd love to, but where am I gonna sleep?" She asked.

"There's a guest bedroom right down the hall from mine that you can stay in, and the bathroom is right there in case you need it."

"I can't thank you enough for this, you really are a great guy."

"It's no problem, really. Just go and try to get some rest, you look like you need it."
Brian leaned in to give her a hug at the same time she leaned over to give him one.

After watching TV with Jess for a few more minutes and pretending to seem interested in whatever teen drama show she was watching, she turned it off and they both preceded to go upstairs. Brian headed into his room, closed the door and stripped to his boxers and climbed into bed. A few seconds later he heard Jess enter the bathroom, close the door and turn the shower on. It seemed like she was in there for an hour and he started to drift off to sleep before he heard a soft knock on the door, jolting him awake. Groggily, he answered.

"Ugh, yeah? What's up, Jess?"

He had his back turned to the door so he couldn't be bothered by any light that may have crept in, but this also prevented him from seeing the woman standing before him. He called out once more, but when he didn't recieve an answer for the second time, he rolled over and was greeted to the sight of an incredibly sexy girl standing before him with her hands on her hips, clad only in a pair of black, lacey boy shorts. Brian sat up and was about to speak, decided it would be better to just keep quiet when she climbed on top of him and pulled the covers over the both of them.
Question not yourself. Challenge those who would deny you your true self for an independent thinker is the greatest enemy to those who seek to control you
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Question not yourself. Challenge those who would deny you your true self for an independent thinker is the greatest enemy to those who seek to control you
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So I can just send them to the upload page from now on?

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