my friend is looking for an amp nothing to pricey, around 400$ he is wanting one that has really heavy and good distortion, any suggestions???
no he isnt in a band but there is a chance that in the future he might get one going, and yea hard rock and metal
I sugest Peavey Vypyr 75W
Its around 400$ also good for band if he dont have mad drummer it well be fine.
Vypyr have very good effects build-in that aren't so "plastic" like in other constructions in this range of price.
he has played my vypyr 30w he says he wants just a little bit heavier distortion, can you get that out of the 75w???
No sorry...Vypyr 30 and 75 are the same. Only diference is tahat 75 have USB out.
the vypyr is a solid state modeler and isn't going to sound good regardless of which one you get.

even the tube version is pretty poor if you ask me.

i would never dream of anyone ever gigging with a vypyr. pretty sure they'd get laughed at
The brands themselves are nice, but it's the models you need to focus on. The Line 6 Vetta is amazing, the Line 6 Spider is not.

Personally I would recommend a used Peavey combo off of eBay, maybe a 5150 if you can find one cheap.
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the vetta is $1700, can't do that.

I meant that as an example. I'm saying that, while the brand may be famous and respectable, some amps in it's line may not be. See: Marshall MG.
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