So I found this guitar in a pawn shop a few months ago and was curious about where it actually came from. It says Made in Korea,but has the serial E940038(which was used on Japanese Squiers). Does Fender really do this so haphazardly?
E serials can be encountered on both Japanese and Korean Strats; early Korean Strats are said to be made of leftover parts which were transported from Japanese to Korea, i.e. they are identical to MIJ Strats, just the headstock is different. Still, I can't say if it's true; nonetheless, E-series are really nice guitars, no matter where they were made. After E-series Squier went downward spiral, S-series and CN/VN aren't that bad but it's the E-series which are really good concerning Korean Fender/Squier axes. Oh, and Squier Pro Tone, but that's another story.
I was familiar with both the E series and the late 80's Korean mades. I was going to buy one (Korean) on Ebay for $200,but decided against it. That same morning I saw the exact thing in a pawn shop for $100 and offered 80. Thanks for the answers.