roland cube 20 watt? or vox valvetronix 15 watt?
both look ok, but which one is better?
my current gear is none
im buying a guitar alongside the amp and i didnt decide which one yet
style- all, anyways they are modelling amps so they should be able to do everything
budget- minimum, id like to have a small decent amp until i can get some money for the engl gigmaster head&cab
and sorry, i didnt know VS threads arent allowed :\
by the way the peavey vypyr also looks ok...
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in the rules the example for vs threads is metallica v megadeth, so shorely this doesnt count.

i have a roland cube 20xbtw and love the tones on it, but am about to upgrade. but iv tried the vox vt and loved it, so many great options, so i actually recomend that.

I tried all three at the store (Cube 20x, Vypyr 15, Vox VT15) and walked away with the Vox. It sounds much better than the other two, it sounds much less digital and more organic than the Cube and Vypyr, and its low gain and mid gain stuff is so much better. Even the Hi-gain isn't terrible, though not as good as the Vypyrs. For versatility, and even for sound, go for the Vox.
My favorite is definitely the vox. The 15 version DA has been my fulltime travelling amp for the last 5 years. The models sound far less compressed and digital than the other two. The effects are pretty neat, it's super sturdy, and they go for real cheap. Definitely recommend it. I recently rediscovered the drive setting on mine, and have been really happy (I'm overseas with no live rig
I prefer the cube, but I am talking about the 30/60/micro versions. There are some other versions of the cube that have different modeling.
The valvetronix smokes the cube.
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the cubes don't get good until the 30x (alternatively if you don't need wattage the micro is good).
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I would also recommend the VOX. I tried the Cube, and although it was not a bad amp to say the least, the Vox was more versatile, and had a better tone all in all.
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