I used to see adverts for them all the time in bass mags, but that's as far as my knowledge of them goes. They do look weird though...
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good lordy that is a sweet looking bass! i've never heard of the brand though, and that tends to make me a little wary of their quality.
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Looks nice, except idk about that Headstock lol. And, wouldn't it make sense that not well known guitar companies would have nice guitars. To me that would show handmade work (aka no mass produced factory line) but who knows
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Hmmm, interesting. Their headstock looks like a Status T Bass's. I do like the look of the Primal Pro though.
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Well I found out that the company has the 'sister companies' Ashdown and Hayden amps, so that's boosted my opinion of them.

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Hmmm, interesting. Their headstock looks like a Status T Bass's. I do like the look of the Primal Pro though.

Yeah it really does, I have played one at the London Music Show one year to compare it to my T-Bass and they are very similar Basses considering Ashdown was formed by ex-Trace Elliot employees and the T-Bass was originally made for Trace Elliot. The Lodestones are great though and are very punchy and aggressive even more than the Status.
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The are supposed to be first-rate basses, but as far as I know Lodestone has no U.S.A. distributor so finding one over here isn't going to be easy.
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I'm not convinced by the headstock design. If what they say about it is true then surely it would not require a string tree on the D and G strings giving another point of contact and therefore friction.
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