I have been playing guitar for almost 5 years now. I started with electric and am now playing some acoustic. I have a serious problem. When I want to learn a song, I am really excited to learn it, I want to learn it, I practice it for a good amount of time, I still don't have a good hold on the song, I move on to a new song, and the process repeats in mad circles. I never finish learning a song. It is so bad that when someone asks me to play a song, I draw a blank, because I only know some small riffs of a lot of songs.

I know you are probably going to say that I should stick with one song until it is finished, but it is harder then it sounds for me. I think I just get bored with practicing. I don't know how to stick with a song. I feel like all five years of my guitar playing have been a waste because I know almost no full songs. I play a lot of video games and computer games and my mind just takes over and I play those more then my guitar (because I think they are more interesting). I tell people that I have played guitar for 5 years and they think I am good, but I know no songs. I have a very strong grasp of guitar techniques but I just don't apply them into full songs. I really want to plat guitar but I lack a mindset to persevere. I don't know what to do to improve my practice, practice a song and stick with it. I need help. Thanks for your time
don't worry about this at all, I used to do this all the time.

If people asked me to play something I just used to do a mash up meddley of all the bit's and pieces I'd learnt.

I also think 'why bother spending all this time learning someone elses tunes when I could be using this time writing my own.'

I think what can help is actually being in a band or if your the solo acoustic type think about a set you'd like to play to people and mark a date on your calender when you intend to do a gig. Then you have to learn the full songs and it's and extra bit of motorvation. If you're anything like me you have to have something to work for to be motorvated.
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To each their own. I'm the same way actually. You could try working on a few songs at a time, that way you can switch between them if you're getting bored with one.
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