Hey UG community. I just started playing guitar 2 months ago and was fortunate enough to have my grandfathers guitar handed down to me. My mother tells me it was hand made by a guy in Calgary Alberta. This thing hasnt been played in over 30 years. Just tuned it, and i think it sounds pretty good(same strings). It also came with about 15 "new" packs of strings(do strings age?).

Label that fell out of the inside while cleaning it



The body is pretty rough. It has an alligator look to it which i think is the finish that has dried. I started this thread for this reason. I want to know what i can do to preserve it for hopefully a very long time.



I heard some kind of oil is recommended for the neck? There are slight grooves on the frets but it is not a major concern for me.


I did do several searches but didnt find many specific details as to what i could do. If you guys have any advice as to what i could do to help this guitar along i would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance
really cool guitar

the best would it be to go to the guitar shop and ask what do they have in stock
there are several wood protecting kits whit oils .
If it's possible try to find someone who restores old instruments because a guitar like this
is priceless and can last true generations

good luck whit restoring it

strings do age but a closed pack should be fine . The only 2 things that can happen
are that strings can rust or lose their sound , they start to sound dull , can easily be
heard because you start to hear only bass no sound

good luck and fun playing
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first off, i'd get a hygrometer and make sure that from here on out the guitar is kept at a humidity between 40 and 55% and never at a temperature you wouldn't be comfortable in.

i'd definitely recommend before doing ANYTHING to the guitar that you let a qualified luthier take a look at it. that's a LOT of finish crazing on the top, which means the wood and glue will be more vulnerable to oils and polishes, so having a professional check it out and give you recommendations would be a good idea.