Hello again!
It feels like im hardly doing anything here but asking questions but i have found this place to be good for advice from friendly users!

So I've decided on getting a Peavey 6505, And what im wondering is what a good cabinet to go would be? Nothing to expensive but nothing cheap, I want it to sound good (theres something new huh)

maybe something in the $700 area.

I've heard its pretty noisy, should i go for something like a hotplate or similar?

I wouldn't say im an experienced player, but that doesn't mean I dont appreciate a good sounding amp. Right now my Spider III is not fullfilling my needs.

for $700 you could get a nice Mesa Cab. The avatars aren't bad but for $700 you can afford something nicer. Marshall makes some real good cabs, the 1960 line are good. Or if you decide to get a 2x12, marshall and mesa are also good choices as well as orange. Or you could just get the matching 6505 cab to go with your head, they're not bad at all.
Although if I really had to pick one if would be a Mesa Recto cab
You can find a used Mesa 4x12 for $400-ish on Guitar Center's used section, and a Marshall 1960 for $350-ish.

As far as noise goes, the Hot Plate is an attenuator, not a noise gate. You don't need an attenuator with the 6505. Look into the ISP Decimator.
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Oh I see, Yeah what i meant was a noise gate, I wasnt quite sure what the hotplate did.

The marshall 1960 seems nice, And its sold at my local musicshop so thats a bonus! (local being 7 miles from here since im a forest dweller) hopefully I can play the 6505 without my closest neighbours being disturbed.
they live 1 km away.

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You can find a used Mesa 4x12 for $400-ish on Guitar Center's used section, and a Marshall 1960 for $350-ish.

i would definately recommend one of these. i have two avatar 2X12 cabs which do sound awesome, but would definately swap them for one of those cabs. the kool thing about avatar though is that they are brand new in your price range, come with your speakers of choice, and you even get to pick the color combination which is nice.
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