Does anyone know a site that makes custom Distortion pedals based off the Big pi or custom acoustic simulators?
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You mean the Big Muff Pi?

Check out Stomp Under Foot.

Can't think of anybody who makes an acoustic simulator other than BOSS, though.
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I got a Boss Ac-3 used at GC for like $60. If you can pick one up cheap like that they're not bad. I don't own an acoustic so it's the only viable option. If you eq it right with your particular guitar you can get some pretty good acoustic simulation.

As for the BMP, I think BYOC makes a clone of it with a rotary switch for different tonal options. BYOC BMP
fishman puts out high end 'acoustic' pedals for bass and guitar.
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this is two separate questions right.
The big muff is already really cheap why would you need a pedal based off of that?
as gumbi pointed out fishman does the acoustic imaging pedals.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
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^Behringer does, but generally speaking, these pedals aren't so great

The Behringer is just a clone of the Boss.
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