Can anyone explain chords to me, Majors? Minors? i feel like i'm at a loss not knowing these?
If you don't understand the way chords work. I'm going to take a wild guess and assume that you don't know much or any theory. In order to understand how chords are constructed, you have to at least have a basic knowledge of scales.

We could explain chords to you, but If you don't quite grasp what a scale is, than we would just be building a house on a bad foundation.

You don't want that, you want your house built on a solid foundation.

Most concepts within music theory (including chords) are quite easy to understand, but you have to take it one step at a time. I'm not trying to be insulting, just trying to help.

If you do have that foundation, disregard this and be more specific with your question. I'm sure most of the guys on this forum will be more than happy to help.

Edit: I just realized this was in guitar techniques, not musicians talk. It should probably be there. Unless your asking how to actually form chords on the fretboard, if so you still need to be more specific.
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Thank you lol,
i have a good foundation, i just never put in the time to learn chords
Basically, chords are three or more notes that sound good when played together. What troubles are you having with them? How to finger them? Which one comes next? Why Sweet Home Alabama seems backwards to all other G-C-D songs? What, in other words is your actual question?
Learn theory.
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