If you're really into heavy music, do it. Play Citizen Erased on it \m/
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Quote by consumedbysky
what do you guys think
do you think it pointless going to drop a on a six string?

millions of players don't.
no i dont think so, and its not all just for metal, like an open G tuning is where you drop both E strings to D and yeah, the zepplin song Kashmir is in that tuning,

but yes for metal and rock its very popular and i like it, it is very heavy and chug, if you dont like that then dont drop it haha
"It's not about who has the biggest stick, it's about how hard you can swing it"
If I needed to go to Drop A, and I didn't have a 7 string, then yes I guess I'd probably do it.

I wouldn't say pointless, but it's something I wouldn't do often. I occasionally play in Drop B
i think drop C is the lowest you should go with a 25.5" scale and like big strings, if you go any lower you should get a 26" or 27" scale guitar or a 7 string
"It's not about who has the biggest stick, it's about how hard you can swing it"
Drop A is better suited for a 6 string baritone or 7-string (or 7-string baritone).

this isn't to say you couldn't set up your 6 string with regular scale length (24.75 would probably not be the best choice by regular scale length i mean 25.5) as long as you put on thick strings and set up the guitar properly. because if you think about it, in general, most 7 strings (at least until recently when baritone scales have become more popular on 7's) have 25.5 scale so if you use a standard 6 with 25.5 scale and drop the high e and set up the guitar properly you could definitely put it in drop a.