My dad set up his old yet working sound system. Now that I have an amp of some sort, I would like to, if possible, install an electric option on my acoustic. Or what is it called in the first place? What I would like is just a hookup hole or whatever made so that I can hook up my guitar to an amp.
So if this is even possible, how much would it cost?
It's called installing a pick-up into your guitar. It is very possible and very common.

There are many options that are available to you. Some that can be self-installed with no knowledge at all, the units themselves can run about $60+.

Or you could have a pro install an entire, permanent pickup system for you. Pickups will run you anywhere from $70+. I've seen some systems that go north of $200. Then you add on the install fee which a lot of places I've seen will charge between $60-$150 depending on the complexity of the install.
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Guitar center has a really cheap, really high quality Seymour Duncan acoustic pick up, only $30-$40
soundhole pickups can be pretty handy, although i prefer installed because it can be a hassle playing around the wires. that being said, my husband has a soundhole pickup and has no problems using it. it sounds pretty good, too.

if you want to install rather than just use a soundhole pickup - which usually works pretty well, btw - you can check out some at maury's
and there are sound samples to help you get a feel for what they're like.

this is possibly the most popular one
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