Hey guys sorta new and this is my first thread I plan on buying a guitar with a Floyd rose special well an ESP to be exact and I would like to know what are people opinions of this bridge. If you have this bridge please respond or if you have played a guitar with a Floyd rose special enlighten me on your opinion The ESP is perfect for me but I don't know anything about the bridge so anyones opinion would be a big help. Thanx guys by the way it's the new ESP mh327 google it
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Hello again.

Just curious, have you played the MH327? Did you like the feel of the bridge?

Honestly, its personal opinion more than anything.
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It's a fine bridge. It's not going to break, it'll stay in tune just fine if you set it up right...

I'm pretty sure it's almost exactly like an OFR, but made in Korea instead of Germany. But that might be the FR1000... I can't remember if there's a difference.
My FR special didn't hold tuning very well when using it alot. Also would just *barely* chirp.

I've heard other Poeple having good experience with them, but they are very
far from an OFR.
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I have played a guitar with a Floyd rose special and it was a good feel but I'm new to Floyd rose so I want a more expierenced opinion