Hello Pit, its been awhile. Im here to ask, how much would it cost to get about $90 worth of stuff to where i live. I live in Canada (british Columbia) and i want to order from Thinkgeek.com . I have a 100$ prepaid credit card, will this be enough? The 90 includes the shipping fees.
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100$ - 90$ = 10$

This means that you have enough money to make the purchase!


Edit: My experience with buying things online isn't a good one, I bought a t-shirt coming from Ireland last september and it's still not in, I will never get it....

It was a Sabrepulse tshirt btw.
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Look at the S&H fees. Add that to the price of the thing you're buying. Add taxes. Is it less than $100?
How about, instead of asking a forum of random people, you go to the checkout and see what the total is yourself?