Hi, UG.

I just picked up a Peavey Vypyr 75. I got a USB cable that will allow me to plug my amp into my computer for recording. I am completely new to recording, so I was hoping for some advice?

I use a PC. I want to be able to record multiple tracks of my guitar stuff easily -- like I'll record the rhythm guitar part, and a solo guitar part over that, etc. What free software can I get that will allow me to do this? I'm not looking to produce studio quality stuff, can't get that for free haha, just lookin to record some of my solo guitar stuff. What should I download?

Also, is there a way I can easily add a drum track over it for free or no?

Again, I know there's only a limited amount of free stuff, i'm not looking for anything super good, I just want to do some low quality free recording
Well, here's the easiest suggestion. Everyone is going to say Reaper, I'm sure. It's technically free the first month. However, I use (*gasp!*) Audacity for simplicity's sake. I'm used to the program and have used it for some time. It certainly isn't the most powerful audio software, but it does record multiple tracks, and it is free.

As for adding drums, you could always check out HotStepper. As long as you get version 1.0 and not 0.998, it is free (vs. shareware). The only difficulty is finding good drum samples for anything that aren't hip hop or techno (and a few minutes on Google I'm sure will find you something). If you just want the basic drum beats to play over, Hotstepper will export to .WAV files for you to add to your Audacity projects.

I'm of the... erm... budget recording variety myself, and these seem to do fine for me. I'm sure there will be more helpful people responding than I, but this is a start.
Reaper + Free VST Amp Sims = Gold. Much better than running a crap amp through a crappy cord.
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Your joking, the Vypyr is an incredible amp, it makes playing effortless...

If only...

Play a Cort ?

Play with V-Picks ?

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Here's what I would do:

Load a drum track into audacity
Set Audacity to play the current track while recording (should be in preferences)
run a cable from your computer's headphone jack to the amp's auxilary jack (this allows you to hear what's coming from your computer through the amp)
record your tracks

remember, unless you have a good sound card/tons of ram, the vypyr may introduce some crackling issues into the recording. Also, the amp is designed so that the line out mutes the speaker, so you'll need headphones. Also, because of the way the speaker is voiced, the recording through the line out can sound a bit different (either more trebly or more bassy, i don't remember)
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I defs wouldn't call the Vypyr a crap amp, I love it so far!

Thanks guys. Where do I get the drum tracks from? Is it possible for me to construct them somewhere and import it, or are some standard ones downloadable?

It is not a crap amp, but the quality of the Vypyr for recording is not that great, especially when you use it's USB port.

Lock was right. You are going to get much better results from just using VST amp sims. The Vypyr is a decent practice amp, nothing more IMO. Personally, I would never record with one, and I would debate gigging with one either (unless the Vypyr Tube, I heard decent things about that one)/
Quote by drawnacrol
Your joking, the Vypyr is an incredible amp, it makes playing effortless cause of the tones you can get out of it, have you tried it???

I know how modeling amps work, I've had a few in the past. They aren't good for recording, especially the way hes going to go about recording (plugging a cord into the output jack of the amp to the PC). It loses a lot of the umph that you get out of the amp.
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I'll try recording stuff with some other recording methods I have. Right now I can't get the USB thing to work because I'm technologically illiterate, but I'll compare.

Thanks guys!