People with photoshop skills: This is a picture of my sister. Her outfit reminds me of Elton John, but I think she needs a few more additions to really look like Sir Elton (Glasses, any of his flamboyant accessories, etc.). Can the pit photoshop my sister to make her look more like Elton John? Thank you.

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lol nice

edit: now the pic is up...
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There you go.

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before de oder guys, nobody dere, you know.
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Do her.
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So you want me to shoop a picture you took of yourself in drag to look like Elton John?
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There you go.

This man is a miracle worker.
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I only opened this thread because I thought there was a chance your sister might be hot.

Tell her I'd give her a C+
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I only opened this thread because I thought there was a chance your sister might be hot.

Tell her I'd give her a C+

That's rhw aMW EWaon qhy LL OD UA SIS

Oh wow, I just accidentally did a Stevie Wonder up in this bitch
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Ehh......excuse me?

Bah, it's 4am here and I'm sleepy

I mean't to say that's the only reason why all of us clicked this thread

Btw I give the sister a D+
is this elton john enough?

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I had a dream about your avatar once, so yes of course.

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