Well I'm an Canadian power Metal and other types of music, Now which is better idea.

1: and WW1 monster version of Imperial German soliders the lead signer is called the Blut Kasier,

2: the second is a Scarecrow a country type of monsters, well at least the lead singer is a Scarecrow, the rest of band of country type of monsters comng out of corn fielld for vengence.


This made my day, especially the second one.

This was posted on another forum by some guy I've never seen before.
sounds like a 3 year old

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He swallowed black nail polish and shat the word 'motherfucker' onto a non-metal kid. Rad.

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You can dress a woman slutty, but she's not a slut. Understand?

living inside a drop only to die in an ocean
An several ideas?
An Canadian power metal?
Where do these people learn grammar?
Follow the smoke toward the riff filled land