Hi guys, I've been struggling with singing for around 2 years now and I guess I'm trying to figure out if it's worth continuing. There's a sample of me on my profile called "Vocal Test"(the hook of Billionaire by Bruno Mars/Travie McCoy) and I don't really know what to do at this point. I feel like when I get to like a D4 or above my voice gets kinda...splatty(the song's in F, "ni-i-ight" is FED). I don't know how to handle the lower register(E3 or lower) either; it's either really really breathy or obnoxiously chesty. Any advice and/or criticism?
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I'm no amazing vocalist but i thought it all sounded goo. In my opinion the only bad part was around the "my name in lights" bit. It was by no means horrible
XD are you ****ing kidding me? "struggling" with singing? you've got a ****ing awesome voice, reminds me of that adam lambert mofo.
BTW the "splatty" sound usually means you're making your vowels too wide or trying to yell through the higher parts, though in that clip I can't really hear that happening.

seriously as far as that clip goes you're sounding ****ing great, if you want help getting better put up some really high/low range stuff so we can hear what you're having problems with but so far sounds like you've got a killer voice.
Yeah, so basically I'm sorta willing to admit I sound ALRIGHT now, but I wanna be like...GOOD. It's funny, I play a couple other instruments and I can get sort of arrogant about them but nothing humbles me like singing, lol.

Cheeseman: LOL Adam Lambert? I guess I'll take it...not the first comparison I'd draw but that's what third parties are for.

When you say too wide what do you mean? Like, a long vowel short vowel thing? Although I do think I have a tendency to yell through higher stuff. This is because once I reach like, an E4 I have the choice either to yell it or to flip into falsetto. I haven't figured out how to bridge the gap. To be honest my low-range issues don't bother me that much. I think I actually sound pretty good down there but it's just the volume difference between that and my yelling can be a little off-putting, lol.
Bump: I've put up another short clip on my profile. It's me singing a bit of Ordinary People by John Legend and I picked the second verse because there's a stray really high note before the chorus. Also I think the chorus itself kinda demonstrates what I mean as far as...I guess just not sounding good, lol. I just need some general help.

EDIT: Waaaait a minute. Apparently my file isn't compatible with UG's profile thing so I'll need a bit.

EDIT: Ok now it's up.
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ok mister mister vowel modification and tonal center is what you need at the moment where you place the vowel really counts you cant have it too far back or forward it needs to be in the tallest part of your mouth...vowels need to be tall and not wide..if your sound gets to "splatty" try modifying where you put the sound and go from there
Thanks a lot. I basically understand what you're saying conceptually, but I can't exactly translate it to my actual body. What's it supposed to feel like? Or at least what are the characteristics of too far forward and too far back?