Hey UG, I was considering buying a LP and i'm wondering whether to go with Agile or Epiphone. Before you say "go out and try one" or whatever, or for you people that don't know about Agile guitars, they are only sold online. I have a tight budget as i'm only a sophmore in High School so money is hard to get. Can somebody please tell me the pros and cons of both? Thanks.
Personally I would never buy a guitar without playing it first. Just my two cents.
I've always liked Epiphones, but I have heard that Agiles are a ton of bang for the buck.
I've played a range of Epiphone Les Pauls, and there are some really good ones, and some really bad ones. Epiphones usually don't have very good stock pups, and their elctronics and hardware can be a bit shoddy. I definitely wouldn't buy an Epiphone LP without playing it first. However, there are some higher end Epi's that would blow an Agile out of the water, and some that would let you down.
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Personally I would never buy a guitar without playing it first. Just my two cents.

It's just that I see so much controversy between the two and Agile always ends up winning .
save more money and get a really good guitar if your a serious player

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agile. the 2000s are like owning an epi for less than half the price
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AGILE!!!!!!!! my friend just bought one and i have the best epiphone money can buy. agile owns epiphone, id say it even rivals les paul's. get any agile, heck get the most expensive one, you're not paying for the name so you get 10x more bang for your buck than you would with gibson, ibanez, jackson, fender, and more
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agiles ive heard have gr8 quality, now, remember this, ive never played an agile, and ive played an epi sg for 2 mins without an amp, in a loud GC
They're the same, that's the simple truth. With Epiphone you're paying more because they use the ''real'' body shapes, some of their stock hardware is slightly better (specifically, TonePros locking bridges and actual 18:1 Grovers unlike the licensed Grovers on Agiles), names and come with a certain level of prestige (aka resale value). If your priority is value for money then go for the Agile, if your priority is style or potential return then go for the Epiphone. In terms of their purely objective quality, both brands are exactly the same. Anyone who claims otherwise has not actually played and compared both directly.

I do think there is a lot to be said for being able to try the guitar before you buy it though. I appreciate that Rondo Music have quite good customer service and a good returns/exchange policy but that's still quite a pain in the arse and it's always nicer to just get it right the first time.
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years ago, when i wanted a cheap lp to knock around, i went for an epi over rondo.
mine's great.

i went epi, because i found a good one in the store, that was reasonably priced, with looks i liked.

rondo guitars can be returned, so you shouldnt be afraid of trying them.
altho, i've heard guys cry on ug about having to wait for a new guitar, because the first one was damaged in shipping, and so on.

also, know that a 2000 agile series is a starter guitar, the same way that an epi just above its price will be.
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Epiphone just recently lowered their prices as well. An LP Standard is $510 CAD, Plus Top is $585 which puts them inline with MIM Fenders and slightly lower than most PRS SE guitars. You really need to try before you buy IMO with any guitar really.
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We can sit here and tell you what to buy all day out of our own opinions. You might end up deciding to buy an Agile and then you see an Epiphone on the shelf that blows you away. It all comes down to what feels best for you. I personally have never played an Agile but after I bought my Epi SG and made a few cheap hardware swaps and got a full-setup, it sounds just as good (if not better) than a Gibson SG.
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Epiphone and Agile are quite similar, as stated above. The only Agile's that I would pick over an Epiphone would probably be the AL-2500 and above.
Get a 3100. I got one for my dad last chrismas and it's really an amazing guitar
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