Hey all!

If there's one thing I've always wanted to do, it's improvising like Marty Friedman... It blows my mind, his style is so unique and it sounds amazing. I've been practicing some improvisation today, and I decided to do a recording for feedback. If you guys could check it out it would be greatly appreciated!


Obviously, heavily influenced by Marty. Infact, the chord progression is directly out of one of his videos, I figured that would be great for practice. I plan to do a lot of practice based around his style, and later try and develop my own unique style.

So, any feedback, constructive criticism, or advice on learning how to improve would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks a lot

EDIT: I hope this is in the right place... Should it have gone in Riffs & Recordings? Techniques? =S
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Alright, really quickly before this thread gets closed, I wanna say that it was pretty good. The bends right around 0:42 weren't too great, but everything else was good
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yeah, that was really good playing, but if you're after Marty Friedman sounds, bend the **** out of the diminished fourth or "devils note" and try to utilise arpeggios as well.