I am saving up to get a custom made Carvin DC727C and I have a couple of questions about some of the choices I am trying to make.

The most important one for me right now is how would the guitar sound with an alder body and a flamed maple top sound compared to a mahogany body, flamed maple top?

Also what would be a good/best neck wood for my situation: mahogany neck, maple neck, walnut neck, koa neck.

And with what stripes? (5-Piece Mahogany Neck w/ 2 Maple Stripes, 5-Piece Koa Neck w/ 2 Maple Stripes, 5-Piece Maple Neck w/ 2 Koa Stripes, 5-Piece Maple Neck w/ 2 Walnut Stripes, or 5-Piece Walnut Neck w/ 2 Maple Stripes)

What is the difference between the normal edges and round edges?

I am looking at a set of DiMarzio Blaze pups, but again I have no clue what I am going to put in the guitar. So what are some good pups for what I like to play (see below)

I will be running the guitar through a Peavey JSX and eventually a Mesa Boogie Mark IV and Dual Rectifier Multi-watt head (2010 model).

I will be playing basically any type of metal that is tuned to B standard down to A standard but mainly Dream Theater, Nevermore, Trivium, Amon Amarth, At the Gates, Carcass, Steve Vai, Scar Symmetry, Behemoth, Strapping Young Lad/ Devin Townsend, Lacuna Coil, Fear Factory, Ayreon, Meshuggah, etc.

Also I will be recording original material in the style of thrash/death/melodic death/prog/power metal.
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By making this topic, you prove to yourself that you're not ready yet to buy a custom guitar. A custom guitar is only a good choice when you PERFECTLY know what you want. If you have SO MANY questions on SO MANY subjects, it's clear that a normal guitar will be just fine for your needs.
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Ok, my original post was very vague. I know what I want, I'm just curious about how an alder body with a flamed maple top would sound compared to a mahogany body, flamed maple top and what neck would best compliment the body wood. I know what I want in terms of color, treatment, fingerboard, neck radius, hardware, etc.

I know that mahogany is warm and tends to sound deeper and has more lows and lower mids, where alder is more balanced and a bit on the bright side. I know that adding a maple top will make the guitar brighter, but will a alder body, mapled top guitar with an ebony fretboard be too bright? And if I go mahogany, should I just go mahongany throughout and get a mahogany neck as well? And how does a koa, or walnut striped maple neck sound/ affect the guitar compared to a solid neck? My ibanez prestige has a walnut/maple neck and I couldn't tell you for the love of God what difference that makes tonally.

And I can't find a normal guitar with the specs I like in the seven string department that are under $2000. So the carvin is my best bet.
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Personally if I were to order one and had no cost limits, had those bands in mind, I would be getting a 5 piece Koa and Mahogany neck with a rosewood fretboard, mahogany body, and maple top.

But that's me.

Alder will be brighter and more open, mahogany will have a warmer low end and give you a fuller midrange.

Koa is like the low mids of mahogany mixed with the brightness of maple.
The stringers ideally just add more stability, but obviously will add a tiny bit of that wood's quality to the attack and sustain.

TL;DR: Go to the Tone Wood thread in the GB&C and look up wood characteristics there. You can find the link in one of the threads stickied at the top of the forum.
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I know about wood characterists. I just want to know if alder + flamed maple top + ebony board = overly bright and how does the tiny stripes in either a maple or mahogany neck affect the tone, as in drastically, not really, things like that.