Hello. I got a sweet custom electro-acoustic guitar with piezo pickups bridge and a roland cube 30x.
Could you guys please tell me some nice amp settings for my acoustic? The amp only has BASS/MIDdle/TREBLE
Thank you
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Start with a clean channel, EQ flat (on guitar and amp), and all effects off.

Experiment with different amp simulations until you find one that works. My guess is "Tweed" or "Black Panel" might do the trick -- or are those even active on the clean channel? (I don't own one, I'm just looking at photos.) Anyway, you want the setting that least colors your tone.

It won't sound perfect, because electric guitar amps are designed for magnetic pickups. Expect lots and lots of feedback if you crank it up. But it should at least be a temporary fix.

Best thing you can do is buy an acoustic guitar amp specifically designed for piezo pickups. Those won't color the tone, and usually have feedback resistance built in. A bass or keyboard amp will also work tone-wise, but might not have the anti-feedback stuff.

Neah, what are you talking about? There is no HUM in my amp. It even sounds perfect with distorsion and maximum gain. Sounds better than most ELECTRIC guitars, I can say. I can even do feedback LOL. Love both the amp and the guitar. And it's got acoustic strings on it.
Turn the mids on your amp all the way off. That should be the first big improvement.

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