Crawling Out

I've been broke, I've been down
Spent my money on a night out in town
Every time it seems I get ahead
I just wanna go out and get drunk instead

I've done wrecked, been handcuffed
Just can't get to where enough is enough
They say man how'd you get so low
You can tell someone but they already know


I change addictions just like trading cards
Hitting rock bottom never seemed so far
It hurts the most just crawling out
Not gonna fall cuz I'm crawling out

If this is hell, then sins are cheap
I'll take that bottle and the rest you can keep
Another cigarette, and then I'm done
Still can't forget what I'm runnin from

I can lie, to myself
But that denial won't get you help
I think too much, it's a curse
And bein down here just makes it worse

I change addictions just like trading cards
Hitting rock bottom never seemed so far
It hurts the most just crawling out
Not gonna fall cuz I'm crawling out


I don't want them to get that call at 4 a.m.
And have them suffer from my old sins
Don't want to hear them say
I don't want to be like him

Repeat Chorus
I really dig the lyrics, the first stanza brought the song #27 to mind by Dave Matthews Band

Overall, it kind of sounds like it could be a bluesy / Johnny Cash style song IMO

Nice work.
Oh hell yeah, man! This one has dirt, it has meaning, it has that goddamn "Guilty, so what?" attitude. I love the piece

Cheers. Ace.
Metal: The music is basically a blues/country rhythm to it, just being acoustic. And granted I'm not a very good singer, I do sing it low, like Johnny would. You were spot on with that obvservation. I don't think I've heard the dave matthews song, so I'll have to look it up.

Ace: Thanks for getting the message of the song. The backstory is pretty much my battle with alcohol and the road it's taken me down, which subsequently ended with me wrecking and getting a dui. I didn't want the lyrics to be patronizing or being "woe is me". It's a piece that's just me, and how it has shaped my life and not being sorry for it.

I wanted it to be where someone could be singing about themselves and have a real connection with the song, so some of the lyrics are generalized.
I think it's a really cool concept, and hearing how personal an experience it was for you brought a whole stronger sense of realism to it. I didn't picture it the way you described it at all; I thought of a sleazy, greasy slime ball of a song, just crawling and creeping around.

Funny how things turn out.
Really good title, too.
The title just jumped right from the lyrics, no real intention of naming it that when I started out.

When you say the way I described it, are you talking about just first impression just from the title of the song, or how I described it in my post?
Yeah, the kind of Dead boys' "Ain't it fun?" song - when one admits that he had made mistakes and did bad things, but took every lesson out of it and though has no regret or any need to propgatae anything. Kinda real life's wisdom. Nice.

Cheers. Ace.
Awesome song; I'd be proud if I wrote something half as good as that
Love the concept of the song aswell
The "broke, down" and "wrecked, handcuffed" parts made me think of a Hold Steady song initially, not exactly the tone you seem to be writing in, but close in some ways.

No real criticisms, you should be proud of this. I think the part that made me think of Hold Steady was that the writing feels very conscious like you said, not a "woe is me" song.

Good stuff.
Thanks guys. I finally went to a friends house to record it last night, so when I get the chance I'll try and put it on here. That way people can get the real gist of the song. It's just kind of raw and gritty.

I do have to say I am quite proud of this, it came together so fast it really surprised me. I'd hope no one would steal it, but then again I'd almost be flattered as well. Almost...haha.
Really great! I get a sorta Nine Inch Nails - Hurt vibe from it. I love how you not only go into the hell you are in, but also what loved ones would feel. Puts a great angle on the song. Well done! Keep up the good work!
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